Get Racing Instantly - No Setup!

SimGear Motion Software not only supports a wide variety of titles, but it also offers you the easiest experience from installation to tuning. The software auto updates without any interaction or need to reboot, finds newly installed games automatically and patches the games all on its own.

Our experts have spent countless hours ensuring that each title we support feels right without you having to tune any of the settings. While there is no need for you to tune each game, we understand each person likes the feeling a little different and we have therefore built the easiest way to tune the feedback!

Feel the Tactile Feedback

Tactile feedback is a very important piece of any motion simulator, and the SimGear Motion Software has our Pulse technology built into every copy. When added to your simulator, the four transducers placed in the seat give subtle feedback that would normally not be given via motion. Some of these items include engine vibration, shift noise, tire feedback, speed sensation and more*.

*Not all games have the telemetry output to support all of SimGear Pulse feedback