Manage Simulators with Ease

The SimGear Venue Management Software allows up to 10 linked simulators to be controlled by a single station, with a beautiful and engaging leader board and spectator view for those standing by watching as well integration with ClubSpeed Activity Center Software.

Our simulators work amazing in trade show booths, karting facilities, restaurants, and dedicated simulator locations.

Whatever your needs are, we can build a solution for you with our in house software development team.

Many Tracks to Choose From

We offer tracks from around the world for your customers to enjoy, as well as every form of racing. Whether its NASCAR, IMSA, F1, Rally, Drift, etc, our simulators can deliver the most engaging experience in a mix of both VR or standard TVs.

We have laser scanned, millimeter accurate scanned tracks from around the world. Tracks such as Circuit of the Americas, Laguna Seca, Daytona, Sebring, Nürburgring, Monza, Spa, Suzuka, and hundreds more.

SimGear Commercial Configurator

To help you in your purchase decision, we have created a calculator to help you visualize your ROI timeline and help you adjust your pricing, if you are charging per usage.

Your Race Room Costs

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