SimGear™ was founded in 2015 by active racer Zach Davis. Being a flight enthusiast most of his life, his first venture into simulation was Microsoft Flight Simulator 5.0. While his passion for flight was strong, eventually racing grew stronger. In 2011, racing gave Zach a good excuse for building his own personal in-home simulator. In Chicago there is race season, and simulator season. Being able to race friends, throw back a few beers, and just enjoy the thrill of competition and racing in the bleakest months of Chicago winters was very fun, but it also kept his skills sharp and ready for next season as well as learning and practicing new skills.

After completing a successful season running TT in 2014, Davis, having traveled the country racing, decided that others could benefit from the same tools he has used and developed through the years. This simulator wasn’t a toy, it was a precision instrument that had proven training credentials for a professional racer thanks to the advancements of modern games and the advanced realism.

SimGear products are a testament to our commitment to create the most functional, performance-driven equipment, as well as the most affordable high quality motion simulator available on the market.