Frequently Asked Questions


What games are supported?

Please visit the software page to view a list of currently supported games. Many are supported with more on the way!

Cars and Tracks

A full list of cars and tracks can be found on this page. Please note, if you do not find a car or track you are looking for, please contact us and we will see if we can accommodate your request!


What do I need to do once the simulator is delivered?

Once the simulator is delivered, you simply deploy the wheels with the supplied ½ ratchet (tightening will lower the wheels, loosening will raise them back up into the unit) and wheel it into place. Once in place, the TVs must be secured via the provided bolts and plugged in. It takes under 20 minutes to be sitting in your sim and racing! Please see this video for setup instructions.

Do I need any tools?

No, all necessary tools will be provided. They included tools are a ½” ratchet and T handle allen.

Do I need a surge protector?

All SimGear simulators have an internal surge protector! Simply plug into the wall and you are all set to start racing!

Is it bad to plug it into a surge protector?

It is fine to plug our simulator into a surge protector if needed, however we do not encourage this. Its important you understand the draw of current the simulator requires and whatever else you may be plugging into the additional surge protector. Please speak to a professional electrician to determine what is safe in your home.

General Usage

Can I browse the web, check my email, watch youtube on my simulator?

While these and many other things are all possible, any simulator used for anything other than racing will void any software support. Your computer hardware and physical hardware will still be supported, however if you install software that was not included/approved, download, tweak, these are all things that will compromise the integrity of the turn-key solution that was provided. These machines are fine tuned to give the best experience, and downloading/installing/surfing the web are all things that can cause an issue if not done properly. For these reasons we URGE all customers to use the machines for nothing other than what they were intended for. Racing!

How hard is it to turn on/off the simulator?

Our simulators were designed to be as user friendly as possible! Most configurations just require you to hit one single button to turn everything on! Depending on the wheel/speakers on your stage simulator, there may be an additional button to hit (on the wheel). However powering the entire simulator down, no matter what, is a single button. Our proprietary design allows the computer and all components to be powered down in a safe and proper manner. Even if you are in a game, you can just hit a single button and the unit will close all applications safely and then power down!


What if I have software problems?

Your first year of ownership includes remote assistance where one of our support staff connects to your computer and assists you remotely. If you are out of your 1 year support window, we offer yearly support plans or a incident by incident fee of $150.

How are software updates handled?

All games will prompt the user to install updates.  Our suggestion is if you are entertaining guests or have an event, to not update anything until after the event, or feel free to email support and ask if the latest version will break anything. Historically, updates do not affect functionality and can be performed without assistance.

What if my hardware fails under warranty?

Full details can be found on the warranty page. If in the warranty or extended warranty window, any failed components will be given an RMA number and shipped back to SimGear. Once repaired or replaced, a new component will be shipped out. SimGear simulators are designed to be extremely easy to remove components and ship to us. Most every item that could fail is designed to be removed with simple hand tools and with as few bolts as possible.

What if my hardware fails outside of warranty?

We understand our customers passion to race and we want to keep you racing. In the event of a failure of hardware, we will do our best to repair any items we can for you without cost if possible. If an item cannot be repaired without incurring any costs, we charge only for parts and not labor and will assist with installation over the phone.


Will you ship outside the US?

Please contact us for a full shipping quote. We do ship everywhere!

Will this fit in my house?

Our simulators are 26” wide and 6’ long with a height of only 6’ when folded up. Please ensure you have adequate space to roll the simulator into your desired location upon delivery.

How heavy is the simulator?

Turn-key simulators average 550-660 pounds fully assembled when delivered.

How do I move it up/down a flight of stairs?

We do not recommend anyone but heavy moving professionals attempt to move the simulator up or down any sort of distance. Our simulators are designed with wheels to allow easy moving while on flat and level surfaces. Upon delivery we highly urge customers to arrange a “heavy moving” company to be on site to move it into place. Such companies can be found when searching for google for someone to move a combination safe, gun safe, hot tubs, etc.