Mobility with No Sacrifices

SimGear’s vision was to make a mobile full motion racing simulator that delivered the same experience as those that cost three or more times as much, with a package that can be delivered anywhere in the world and setup within minutes. Our design allows for the unit to be moved around without removing any components and once in place it delivers a full motion, 5.1 1000watt surround sound, force feedback, 120 inches of screen or VR headset, visceral, heart pounding racing experience like you’ve never had before all within 5 minutes.

Small Footprint

The SimGear GT series was designed not only to be mobile, but as well as take up as little footprint as possible. All components and wires are internal to the chassis, which is raised up off the ground to allow for easy entry and exit for those with bad backs or knees. When not in use, the rig can be folded up and rolled into a corner or out of the way so that you do not need to dedicate space to the simulator when not in use. Using this revolutionary design, we have customers with rigs in smaller rooms that normally would not lend themselves to a racing simulator because once no longer in use, it can be folded up and rolled out of the way in under 5 minutes without straining yourself or needing any help.

Tried and Trusted

We use the highest end components available on the market for motion, sound, computer, and construction of our revolutionary chassis.

Our design is over 2 years old and has been tested in the best and worst of environments: indoors and outdoors, in museums, exotic car dealerships, and even racing schools.